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Space Central - Intro to KAKS Bar & Podcast

KAKS Bar & Podcast

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Space Central - Intro to KAKS Bar & Podcast
Space Central - Intro to KAKS Bar & Podcast

Channel Name:

Small Business Television

Air Date:

Jul 12, 2023

Show Name:

Corporate Demos


Bars & Restaurants


Visit our website at to learn more about our first-of-its-kind in Canada restaurant and podcast studio combo.

You can reach the special guests featured in this video at the following:

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Small Business Television

Small Business Television is dedicated to full-length featured business-oriented content showcasing businesses locally and internationally that have amazing stories to tell. We delve into the history of the company and its founders, we showcase their products and services, and we discuss their trials and tribulations which helped make them great.


Corporate Demos

Do you enjoy looking for product and service specific corporate demos to learn more about an area of interest or a new company? Then this show is made for you.

About this EPISODE

Recorded on-site at KAKS Bar & Podcast, CEO James Steele IV interviews one of the co-owners Shawn Chan about their "first of its kind in Canada" concept startup that features an in-house podcast studio where any customer or business person can drop in for a free podcast session while enjoying great food and beverages.

Shawn is Calgary's own version of Joe Rogan and he hosts daily uncensored open forum interviews with anyone desirous of speaking their mind. Promote your business or just voice your opinion; just about anything goes, within reason of course!

In this 16 minute intro, we discuss how we came together to form a mutually beneficial business association whereby podcasters can start for free at KAKS and then walk across the street to have their podcast enhanced and post-produced at our state-of-the-art production studio on the third floor Room 345 of the Calgary Business Centre at 1001 1 St SE. In fact, this video is a perfect example of what ThoughtWurx | Red Mile Media | Space Central TV can do with your simple podcast recorded at KAKS.

To learn more, simply click on the Podcast, Studio, TV, or VOD tabs to learn more.

Be sure to visit also to book your first session in their private podcast room.

We have cross promotional discounts between Space Central and KAKS so be sure to look for the promo codes and talk to our two businesses to learn more.

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