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Private On-Demand Flexible Communal Space by Subscription

Powered by a Multimedia Broadcast Network

Where education, work, and family fun time meet!

Are you in need of some short-term office space, boardroom, event hall, multimedia recording studio, or social room and only need to rent it for a day, a week, or a month basis?



Are you sick of working from home? Are you looking to expand your brand's reach and broadcast your message to the world? Do you miss social get-togethers, brainstorming, and business networking events like the good old days? Or perhaps you are a new wantrepreneur trying to get a fledging business off the ground but you just don’t have the resources, capital, knowledge base, skill set, or some generous corporate sponsors needed to justify a full-time office lease?


We Have the Answer!

Space Central is an innovative ground-breaking Flexible Space Center concept utilizing a growing network of third-part venues able to host various types of events, including conventions, trade shows, recreational activities, corporate workshops, business networking, private parties, social gatherings, political rallies, condo board meetings, and on-demand office spaces, within highly-adaptable, multipurpose, members-only facilities powered by a network television-style broadcast-capable multimedia production studio.

We effortlessly blend modern elegance with expansive, flexible, and fully-integrated facilities, while providing an inspiring setting where everything you need comes together seamlessly to spawn the creativity that may launch numerous incubator start-ups in the coming years. 

New Members Welcome

Contact Us now to find out about availability, membership costs, and to book a private tour of one of our current or planned one-of-a-kind communal spaces or third-party facilities.

Click Login to create a FREE user account

To learn more, to see the rest of the website, and to request an invitation to join the future of business and collaboration, become a private member of the Space Central community today. When you create a FREE account (click login at top of page) you will have access to several private members-only pages, and you will be able to read the full details about our innovative program.


Our entrepreneurial freedom-minded members often have everything they need to succeed; they just require the right combination of resources, support, and flexible multi-purpose on-demand office spaces, events centers, recreational areas, virtual networking resources, and video production capabilities to make it all come together.

Never before have world events, overzealous governments, and health authorities forced landlords, businesses, and operators of convention and reception halls, casinos, churches, recreational facilities, personal service clinics, and other public use event spaces to reconsider the traditional tenancy and rental models so quickly as forced lockdowns and work-from-home mandates have done since 2020. Countless landlords have opened up their idle spaces for short-term daily, weekly, and monthly rentals to cover their costs.

The resulting chaos has driven new innovation that has spawned an idea that we believe will revolutionize the way small businesses bridge the gap between working from home and the physical office space environment utilizing the flexible collaborative sharing of private membership-funded communal on-demand office spaces, boardrooms, IT and multimedia resources, marketing, coaching, professional networks, and recreational events centers suitable for 24/7/365 hosting of corporate and private functions, all under one roof and at connected third-party venues.

As we searched for venues to host events for Space Central, we discovered a total lack of centralization of event space booking. For occasional use bookings, the average event organizer is faced with a myriad of choices and a great challenge in finding space online. Likewise, landlords face the challenge of advertising their venues to reach the audience who is looking for space. Enter Space Central. We are developing a growing database of event venues centralized under one easy-to-remember website that will bring renters and venues together quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.


We are the AirBnB of Event Space Management.  

With the help of generous government grants, donations from brand name and local corporate sponsors, cooperative forward-looking progressive landlords, and philanthropic donations from community leaders, this unique communal flex space model was born.


And with it, we are bringing new life to the economically-decimated central downtown cores and the inner urban rings of big cities, starting with Calgary, AB, Canada.

Our private membership subscription-based model allows businesses and individuals alike to interact in a highly flexible and supportive incubator-type environment within highly adaptable on-demand spaces in a centrally-located and underutilized office buildings that has been repurposed and tailored to meet the needs of its diverse freedom-loving members and entrepreneurs. 

At select facilities, parents will even be able to leave the kids with the home-schooling teaching pod while utilizing an on-demand office space down the hall. You will be able to invite your clients to a professional meeting space while the teaching professionals handle the kiddies. And, you won't even need to leave early to pick them up after school. They can enjoy the games area while you finish up work for the day!​


"Membership Really Does Have its Privileges!"



Humans are very much social beings who seek out and thrive on interactions with others. By bringing together work, learning, recreation, and generous sponsors who love our demographics, we hope to restore the mental health and profitability of employees, entrepreneurs, and their children.


Our flexible on-demand co-working spaces will allow stay-at-home parents and mandated work-from-home employees alike to utilize one of our furnished office spaces or boardrooms for an hour, a half-day, or a full day. Parents will be able to work separately in a private or shared office down the hall from their kids while they learn from dedicated facilitators in the daytime teaching pods. Parents can attend lunch & learn seminars to feed their brains too.


Our business coaching & workshops will help adults develop enhanced life and business skills across many disciplines. Choose from our daily lunch & learn sessions, evening workshops, monthly seminar events, or our virtual webinars and online creator's archive multimedia library. Where available, we will offer a safe and private co-learning space for 5-12 year old's whose concerned parents or daytime employees of these kids can enroll them in our home-school teaching pods


At select premium sites we offer a collaborative co-creation project environment where member innovators work together on key projects and share a portion of their success not only with the landlord under a royalty structure, but also with other co-creators via referral fees or equity investment arrangements.


We aim to have a large part of our monthly lease and operating costs generously subsidized by local and national sponsors who desire to support unique spaces like this. We will recognize their valuable financial contributions by honoring them with a custom wall plaque or door sign that permanently boosts their long-term brand recognition for many years to come. 

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Do you currently work in or represent one of these business categories or industries?

As with any networking club that is designed to bring useful and relevant businesses together under one banner, we are actively looking for great business owners or employees from the following industry classifications. Unlike other networking organizations, we don't restrict our memberships to one member from each industry. We are strategically seeking to fill the following business positions quickly to provide our members with the widest variety of needed services possible from the day they enroll. The opportunity to generate referral business within the club will initially go to those who are the first to represent their industry and build a substantial following. It's called the first mover advantage. Come and join us today!





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Successfully vetted guests may choose from several levels of subscription.

As a private membership association and mutual support group, we will carefully vet and interview all potential guests to see if we would have a mutually-beneficial working relationship within this innovation hub environment. We don't just want members; we want the right ones who can add value to the club, bring a positive attitude, and have the correct mindset to succeed. Post interview, if you are invited to join Space Central, you may select one of several subscription levels. Please browse our membership options now.


The Blog, Events, and Bookings pages are still a work in progress, but more content is coming soon.

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