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At the Studio


ThoughtWurx | Red Mile Media | Fred May Legacy Studios

Members and non-members alike now have access to our full-service multimedia video production studio in the heart of downtown Calgary. Members enjoy free access time and special discounts so see the Memberships page for details. 


Much of our state-of-the-art production studio equipment we now have was purchased from Mr. Fred May in March 2022 after his retirement from a 48-year career in broadcast television operating out of his studio in Old's Alberta, Canada. His five decades of expertise is being honored through our passionate utilization of the very equipment he used to help shape the airwaves of Central Alberta.  To see his former broadcast channel in action, visit where you can view several Video on Demand productions he made with the very equipment we now utilize at Space Central (see the VOD page.)

With nearly a quarter million dollars worth of high-end audio/video production equipment, lighting gear, and digital software on hand, we continue catering to the very entrepreneurial spirit of this province and aim to further the message of many leading-edge companies looking for a local, national, or international voice. 

Our focus will be on creating corporate profiles, commercials, and social media channel content for businesses and individuals alike.

The following videos and playlist showcase some of the very equipment and capabilities we now use at Space Central. 

Tricaster 850 Virtual Set Demo

Check out this demo video of the Tri-Caster 850 virtual set creator and special effects generator that forms the very core of our production studio's capabilities. Whether we use the live in-studio 24 channel recording functionality or the post-recording production capabilities of the Tri-Caster 850, your final edited video will be of the utmost studio quality. This is the same equipment used by many of the top mainstream news studios including Fox News.

Click the button below to see a YouTube playlist of some of the equipment we currently utilize in the media facility. 


Studio Services Available to Space Central Members

Broadcast Video Camera

FREE Studio, Podcast, Equipment Rental, or Production Time

  • INCLUDED with most membership levels is 1-5 unit hours per month of production services in the ThoughtWurx Studio or Podcast Room. Units hours can be allocated to equipment rental, HD camera use, virtual set production, green screen work, broadcast/podcast services, or preproduction and/or post-production editing services including animations, graphic design, or sound engineering. Additional rental time is available at the relevant discount rate.

DISCOUNTED Studio, Podcast, Equipment Rental, or Production Time

  • Additional unit hours are available at relevant membership level discount rates ranging from 10-50% (see each membership option for details*).

A wide range of services are available for anyone to enjoy. Non-members pay the posted rates less any current promotional discounts offered. Members use their personal discount code at the time of booking to receive their unique member discount. While not an exhaustive list of possible services and rates, here is a sample of some of the standard rates we offer.

Typical Studio Rental Rates:

  • $100/hr: One professional recording angle from our Sony HD digital camera with fixed or mobile tracking tripod and professional camera operator. Also included is lighting, green screen, audio, and teleprompter (programming time is extra).

  • $100/hr: Virtual set design and pre-production or post-production editing with raw footage (either recorded by us or client supplied).

  • $100/hr: Mock interviews with various live set options from standing, seated, office desk, tabletop, or causal chair simulations, with or without greenscreen matte.

  • $150/hr: Third-party professional interviewer or reporter with script. 

  • $100 hr: Audio and video engineering services of user-supplied or studio recorded content. Special effects, titling, graphic logo animation, and PowerPoint simulations are some of the services we can provide.

  • $500/hr: (1 hour free with first booking) Full studio standard rate package includes up to 3 camera angles with operators, lighting, green screen, audio, teleprompter (programming is extra), and Tri-Castor 850 Virtual Set Creator (see demo video playlist above). Pre-production planning and post-production editing is included. At the full studio standard rate, members would pay for their monthly membership fee after just 2 hours of use.