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Space Central members enjoy many perks and privileges as a member!

Unlike most other work-sharing spaces or memberships, we have a unique program that returns a pro-rata share of revenue earned within the private membership base to its members. As a member, you get to actively participate in our private "buying club" where you are invited to be part of the decision making, management, and implementation process that decides on what projects and tangible investments we choose to invest the combined profits generated within the facility and/or the private capital contributed by individual members.


In the future, we aim to develop our own privately-funded bank secured and backed with precious metals, foreign currency, paper assets, cash-flowing businesses, and other financial assets. These are just some of the purchase ideas we have planned for this JVRP program. But rather than being a mere passive investor in some managed fund or investment club, you will need to get your hands wet and actively "work in the program" where your tasks will vary depending on the project.


To learn more, simply register now as a site member to preview the private projects we are working on currently and/or planning in the future.


NOTE: To participate in the JVRP program, you must become a paying member under one of our current membership plans. 


Joint Venture Revenue Pool: List


Projects we currently have available or are under Development.

Below is a menu of exciting options for you to choose from...

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