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ADRIA Workshop 2023
Sep 28-30 and Oct 12-14
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Your Event

Space Central is on the move from our current location and hoping to move to this wonderful new facility soon. During this transition, Connie at Alberta Northern Spirit has generously opened up some available office space on short notice for us to host your previously scheduled event with us.


We are looking forward to hosting you for your training event at this wonderful private facility conveniently located in the Sunalta Professional Building just outside the downtown core, and only one block from the west-end Sunalta C-Train station.

The address of the building is 1603 - 10 Ave SW. The space where your event is being held is on the second floor, suite #200, on the east end of the floor. 


As we are currently in the process of negotiating a permanent move into this space in the fall of 2023, the management of the building has graciously offered up this space to us specifically to host your event! Donations to their cause are also welcomed and encouraged.

Please revisit this page as your event draws near for the latest updated information about your visit.

~ James Steele IV

Building View

Venue Access

  • Access to the building will be by a digital access code through the private gate at the rear (south side) of the facility.  Your appointed door captain for Sept 28 only will be Erika Deines at (403) 804-0124.  For all other dates Flo Lye at 403-669-1211 will be the captain to open the gates and access door to the lobby where an elevator will take you to the second floor. Both will also have the access code to the office suite where the event is being held. 

  • There are 12 parking stalls (1-6) and (8-13) available at the rear of building that are reserved for this group during the 6 days of training.  Please use these stalls first!

  • If all stalls are taken, then you may park at the front of the building where there are another 13 daytime parking stalls.

  • NOTE: Other tenants do utilize the lot during the day so parking is not guaranteed! Car pooling is recommended to limit the number of stalls used. Parking in the nearby lower Scarborough neighborhood 3-4 blocks to the south may be possible where some cars can be left and then it's a short walk or car pool to the building. Watch for sign restrictions!

  • Street parking is free for 2 hours on weekdays and is lightly enforced. Saturday sessions should be more flexible as parking is free on the street also and traffic to the building is light.

  • You may also take the C-Train to the Sunalta station which stops across the street!

Rear Parking and Building Access

Contact Info

  • Your appointed door captain for Sept 28 only will be Erika Deines at (403) 804-0124 For all other dates contact Flo Lye at 403-669-1211 to open the gates and access door. No one else will be onsite to let you in!

  • Instructors will have access to the space the day before the event to set up for the Sept 28th and October 12th sessions. Materials and belongings can be left overnight for the two part sessions.

  • For any questions about the facility booking, feel free to contact James Steele IV directly anytime after 10am daily at 403-614-4100.

  • The name of the manager of the 2nd floor office space we are renting is Connie. She can be reached at 403-689-9689. Only the instructors should call her unless it is a building emergency.

Room Setup & Amenities

See the videos and pictures in the gallery below for matching details.

  • There will be a large boardroom setup with tables and chairs for 20 people. (room #20)

  • Breakout rooms have been made available to conduct role plays and mock interviews. (Offices #1 - #4). These are currently unfurnished rooms with 4 chairs already placed in each room. Each office has a sliding door for privacy. 

  • The boardroom has been staged with tables and 19 chairs sufficient to host your group. 

  • Modest kitchen facilities (in the hallway between room #20 and room #7) are available including a fridge, microwave, kettle, and coffee maker.

  • Condiments (sugar, sweetener, powdered cream, milk) may be provided. Feel free to bring your own as desired.

  • An assortment of fresh fruit, veggie platter, granola bars, muffins, or other light snacks will be provided.

  • Lunch break will involve a short walk to local restaurants or a quick drive to other nearby places. A suggested list of locations is provided below.

  • Only the washroom facilities on the second floor are to be used (see map).

  • Please clean up after yourselves by disposing of trash and recyclables in the bins provided at the kitchen.

  • As we are only guests of the building, there will be NO INTERNET or WiFi connection available at this time. A Shaw open WiFi is sporadically available depending on reception from a nearby transmitter. ADRIA has provided us with the links to the required videos which will be given on a USB stick and OneDrive download link for the instructors prior to Sept 27.

  • A TV or projector & screen will be provided. 

Citrus Fruits

Nearby Eateries

Several nearby shops and restaurants can be visited by car and some by foot. The most convenient would be:


Midtown Co-op store

1130 11 Avenue SW

Google map

Ready-made sandwiches and hot meals can be purchased from the deli. It's only 6 blocks directly east of the building.

Restaurant Options


Depending on your allowed break time, you may consider ordering food in advance at some of these venues to insure speedy service.


The Tailgunner Brewhouse is across the street from the building and opens at 12pm on Thur-Sat.

Two House Tap Room & Pizza at 1901 10 Ave SW is about 4 blocks west.

Google map.

Fast Food Takeout / Eat-in Options

Tim Hortons

1211 12 Ave SW

King of Shawarma

1132 13 St SW