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ADRIA Workshop 2023
Part 2 - Oct 12-14
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Your Event
New Location

Space Central had booked the second half of your 6-day workshop with the Alberta Northern Spirit Foundation in the same space where you attended Part 1.


However, much to our surprise and dismay, upon checking with their insurance company, ANSF was informed that their liability clause did not allow for such short-term rentals given the lack of insurance on that unoccupied space and no new policy could be secured before the October 12 session. We were only informed of this on October 10 and have scrambled to find a new location for us to host your previously scheduled event.

We have three possible alternate sites and will post the final details here late on October 12 of exactly where your final 3 sessions will be held. As of the time of writing, we will be using a seminar room on the first floor of the Holy Cross Center in the lower Mount Royal / Roxboro area.


Please check back here prior to your October 12 session to confirm the new location details.


We are once again looking forward to hosting you for Part 2 of your training and we sincerely regret any inconvenience this disruption may cause. 

~ James Steele IV

Building View

Venue Access

  • Access to the building will be through the doors on the south side of the North Tower where the Purolator shipping location is. When you enter the building, turn left down the hall and then right through the door to the hallway as shown in the gallery above. Proceed to the last rooms on the right which will have likely have a sign showing which space you will be in for the three day event. Note: the smaller room will be used on October 12 as there is another group using the larger room that day. On the 13th and 14th, your room will be moved to the larger space. 

  • Your appointed door captains will be Erika Deines at (403) 804-0124 and Flo Lye at 403-669-1211.

  • There is ample public paid parking stalls available on site but we are hoping to receive some guest passes for this group during the final 3 days of training.

  • If you park in the neighborhood, watch for residential parking zone signs and time restrictions. 

  • NOTE: Car pooling is highly recommended to limit the number of stalls used that may need to be paid for. Parking in the nearby neighborhoods to the south and east may be possible where some cars can be left and then it's a walk or car pool to the building. Watch for sign restrictions!

  • The Saturday session may be more flexible as parking is free on some streets.

  • You may also take the C-Train to the Erlton station which stops 6 blocks to the east across the river.

  • Parking at the Repsol Centre may be possible but watch for signs to verify public use availability. A short walk through the park and over the bridge to the west of the sports center will take you to the Holy Cross Centre.

Contact Info

  • Your appointed door captains will be Erika Deines at (403) 804-0124 and Flo Lye at 403-669-1211.

  • Materials and belongings cannot be left overnight for these last 3 sessions.

  • For any questions about the facility booking, feel free to contact James Steele IV directly anytime after 10am daily at 403-614-4100.

  • The name of the manager of the 1st floor office space we are renting is Dou9. He can be reached at 403-852-4448. Only the instructors should call him unless it is a building emergency.

Room Setup & Amenities

See the videos and pictures in the gallery below for matching details.

  • There will be a large classroom setup with tables and chairs for 20 people. (room # TBA)

  • Breakout rooms nearby will hopefully be made available to conduct role plays and mock interviews. If not, then hallways and various seating areas around the complex may be found.

  • No kitchen facilities are available in this facility so bring your beverages and snacks with you.

  • Lunch break will involve a short walk to local restaurants or a quick drive to other nearby places. A suggested list of locations can be found 1 block west along 4th Street SW.

  • Nearby washroom facilities are available on the first floor.

  • Please clean up after yourselves by disposing of trash and recyclables in any available garbage in the building.

  • As we are only short-term guests of the building, there will be NO INTERNET or WiFi connection available at this time. A Shaw or Telus open WiFi may sporadically available depending on reception from a nearby transmitter. ADRIA has provided us with the links to the required videos which will be given on a USB stick and OneDrive download link for the instructors prior to Sept 27.

  • A TV or projector & screen will be provided. 

Contact Us

Tel: 403-614-4100

Thanks for submitting!
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