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Private On-Demand Communal Space by Subscription

Space Central stands out as a ground-breaking Flexible Space Center to host various types of events, including conventions, trade shows, recreational activities, corporate workshops,  business networking, and on-demand office space, all in one facility. Effortlessly blending modern elegance with expansive and fully-integrated facilities, we provide an inspiring setting where everything you need comes together—seamlessly. Call now to find out about availability and membership costs.

Our entrepreneurial members often have everything they need to succeed, they just require the right combination of resources, support, and a flexible multi-purpose on-demand office space, events center, or recreational space to make it happen.

Never before have world events, overzealous governments, and health authorities forced landlords, businesses, and operators of convention and reception halls, casinos, churches, recreational facilities, personal service clinics, and other public use event spaces to reconsider the traditional tenancy and rental models so quickly as forced lockdowns and work-from-home mandates have done since 2020.

The resulting chaos has driven new innovation that has spawned an idea that will revolutionize the way small businesses bridge the gap between working from home and the physical office space environment utilizing the flexible collaborative sharing of private membership-funded communal on-demand office space, boardrooms, IT and multimedia resources, marketing, coaching, professional networks, and recreational events centers suitable for 24/7/365 hosting of corporate and private functions, all under one roof. 

With the help of generous government grants, donations from brand name and local corporate sponsors, and philanthropic donations from community leaders, this unique communal flex space model was born.

And with it, we are bringing new life to the economically-decimated central cores of downtown cities, starting with Calgary, AB, Canada.

Our private membership subscription-based model allows business and clients alike to interact in a flexible environment within a highly adaptable on-demand space in a centrally-located and underutilized office building that has been repurposed and tailored to meet the needs of its diverse freedom-loving members. 

To learn more and to join the future, become a private member of the Space Central community now.

"Membership Really Does Have Privileges!"

Below you will find a video we made and posted on the crowd-funding site GiveSendGo to raise donations for this venture. The name of the project has changed to a shorter and punchier name but the information is valid. New videos will be coming soon so stay tuned.

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Video Channel

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