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The Wealth Coaches - Why Gold & Silver? - Live

The Wealth Academy

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The Wealth Coaches - Why Gold & Silver? - Live
The Wealth Coaches - Why Gold & Silver? - Live

Channel Name:

The Financial Network

Air Date:

Jan 31, 2023

Show Name:

The Wealth Academy


Financial Services

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The Financial Network

We all have money in common and most people are in constant pursuit of it through all stages of their lives. The Financial Network is dedicated to bringing you insightful, engaging, inspirational, and profitable educational content that will help you secure your financial future.


The Wealth Academy

Presented by The Wealth Coaches, The Wealth Academy show focuses on Cradle-to-Grave financial education for every stage of your life. Join Coach James as he both teaches the Secret Strategies & Investment Secrets of the Ultra-Rich AND interviews fascinating guests in the financial industry to help you Protect, Preserve, and Prosper your wealth for generations to come. Learn about gold & silver investing, asset protection, tax strategies, business succession, estate planning, and much more.

About this EPISODE

Coach James has spent a lifetime accumulated knowledge and experience in the financial services industry. He is in the process of condensing that vast informational database into on online platform that will walk you through the various stages of life from Cradle-to-Grave to help you master the financial skills you need at each phase of your life.

One of the most important skills to learn is how to preserve your wealth from the ravages of taxes, inflation, and financial market collapses that seem to occur on regular 7-11 year intervals.

In this seminar, Coach James walks us through several topics around Why Gold & Silver are fundamental to investors to preserve their wealth.

We learn about the dismal statistical outcomes that are, unfortunately, more people's destiny. We learn that not only WHAT you think but HOW you think is often at the root cause of financial disaster.

He discusses the History of Money, The Perfect Storm, and The Opportunity that is currently in front of us.

James explains the difference between Cash and Money, debt, mediums of exchange, the Federal Reserve and Central Banks, the issuance of money, Fiat currency and the lessons learned in history, what inflation really is, tax free investing vs. non-tax-sheltered strategies, Price vs. Value, deflation and depressions, and how gold and silver can help mitigate all of this.

Once we are convinced about the efficacy of precious metals as in ideal cornerstone investment strategy, Coach James delves into everything you need to know about investing in gold and silver.

We learn about wealth cycles, investigate real examples of inflation hedging using metals, inflation and tax protection strategies, uses for metals, and some future predictions about price paths and why.

We learn about Public vs. Private mint coins, bars and bullion; physical vs. paper investing; things to consider before investing; product options; and how the purchase process works.

All of this on just under 80 minutes. You are in for a whirlwind of information that you can use right now to start on the process of preserving your wealth with precious metals.

Oh, did we mention that Coach Jame is also a direct dealer of Gold and Silver? Make sure to reach out to him when you are ready to acquire these precious hold-in-your-hand hard assets.

How do your measure your wealth? In ounces!

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