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This group caters to those who attend our weekly networking events. If you met someone interesting at the weekly but can't quite remember the person's name or business, try searching the member list or leaving a message here for everyone to see. If you are looking for help with a project or have a contact to refer to someone else, this is a great place to connect with your key contact and start the referral process.

If you have received a referral from someone in the group and have a success story to tell, make sure you share it here to help inspire others (but don't reveal confidential identifying details about the client because that would be unethical!)

Remember, the purpose for networking is to share leads and help grow other people's businesses. The more you give out the more it will return to you, whether you do it in-person or online, so let's get this part started!


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  • October 2, 2022


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