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Calgary, AB, Canada


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We acquire inventory from unpaid storage lockers and resell online to share 50% of the revenue with you.

Storage Lockers

As a result of lockdowns, business failures, and personal bankruptcies, many parties have been forced to store their valuables in third-party storage lockers which has dramatically increased the price of storage space as businesses and citizens alike wait out the economic storms. Unfortunately for some, however, time runs out and the locker contents are seized after 30 days of unpaid rent. Locker contents that go to auction can be worth 5-25 times the actual purchase price of the locker contents. Want to share in the enormous profits?

Joint Venture Project Specifics

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Joint Venture Project Gallery

How to Participate

All Joint Venture Revenue Pool participants must be a member of Space Central in order to share in the revenue stream of this opportunity.

Please create a FREE account user name and password if you haven't done so already, visit the membership page to understand the options available to you, select the membership that is most suitable for your needs, then enroll as a member with your selected option. You will then gain access to many hidden pages including the revenue sharing reports and unique metrics exclusive to this JVRP opportunity. 

Commit to at least 1 scooter ($750 + tax + credit card fees as applicable), and you will receive a coupon code for 50% off the monthly membership fees of your choice for as long as you remain a JVRP participant.  HURRY: This offer expires at the end of this month.


NOTE: as a member, you will also tap into our loyalty program and additional revenue sharing streams including the 20% bonus allocation from this JVRP that we contribute to the profit sharing plan available to all members. YES, you will earn even more money from this project than just a pro-rata revenue share based on your contribution!

"Membership does have its privileges!"

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