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Space Central - Intro to KAKS Bar & Podcast
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KAKS Bar & Podcast


In June 2023, Space Central reached out to a newly established neighboring business, KAKS Bar Podcast, literally across the street from our building. Their concept is the first-of-its-kind mixed use bar and studio in Canada, as far as we know, and it involves a FREE podcast interview to any local business or restaurant patron who visit KAKS.


Rather than build our own dedicated podcast room, we offered to partner with Shawn and Kass, the two owners, to help drive mutual business to each other while serving the community in a fun and novel way,


As a member or guest of Space Central, you have the unique opportunity to start podcasting your message to the world and talk about anything you wish with the host. Or, go ahead and promote your business brand to an entirely new audience while you and your cohorts enjoy a delicious lunch at KAKS.

Your recorded video is posted on their YouTube Channel and you get a discount in the bar when you finish your video. To bring your casual conversation to the next level, come across the street to our studio and we'll show you how to use our amazing video studio technology to market your brand more effectively.  Quote the KAKS discount code they provided to you and save up to 50% in studio with Space Central.