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Wild Rose Sanctuary

A large worship sanctuary on Sundays; an magnificent theatre and performance hall at other times

Wild Rose Sanctuary

This beautiful catherdral space is suitable for a wide variety of functions other than Sunday worship services and funerals. Large corporate meetings, graduations, award ceromonies, comedy shows, lectures, concerts, operas, video shoots, and movie nights are but a few possibilities for an audience requiring up to 500 attendees.

Located in the heart of Calgary, Wild Rose United Church offers a variety of facilities that can cater to concerts, recitals, sporting groups, workshops, weddings and community events.  Our congregation adopts the attitude that the facilities should be used and useful rather than silent and empty. Rental of the property shall be of benefit to the community at large and activities conducted by rental groups will be nurturing of body and soul and reflect the values of the church. Whether your event is for 5 to 300 we can help!

Seated Capacity:


Standing Capacity:


Location Details

Wild Rose United Church

1317 1 St NW, Calgary, AB, Canada

Rental Rates

($100/hour; Min. 1 hour rental)

8am - 10 pm for booked events. Bookable hours will vary as needed.

Available Amenities


Citrus Fruits

Nearby Eateries

Midtown Co-op



Midtown Co-op

1130 11 Avenue SW

(403) 299-4257

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