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Blades of Steel Intro 1 Back Alley 2024-07-20

Pulse Rush Productions

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Blades of Steel Intro 1 Back Alley 2024-07-20
Blades of Steel Intro 1 Back Alley 2024-07-20

Channel Name:

Small Business Television

Air Date:

Jun 18, 2024

Show Name:

Promotional Ads



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Small Business Television

Small Business Television is dedicated to full-length featured business-oriented content showcasing businesses locally and internationally that have amazing stories to tell. We delve into the history of the company and its founders, we showcase their products and services, and we discuss their trials and tribulations which helped make them great.


Promotional Ads

We all hate commercials unless it is something of interest to us at the moment or when we are in need of that something right now. This show is dedicated to ads-on-demand. That's right! Watch commercials that matter to YOU - when you are ready to watch them. What could be better than that?

About this EPISODE

This video was produced by Pulse Rush Productions and edited by ThoughtWurx Studios for Blades of Steel, an innovative live action medieval combat event to be hosted at the Back Alley Night Club on July 20, 2024. Ticket information is available within the video.

The amazing voiceover work was produced by Coral Francis, as was the scripting and editorial work.

Production requests can be made through

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