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Cambrooks College - Intro

Cambrooks College

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Cambrooks College - Intro
Cambrooks College - Intro

Channel Name:

Space Central TV

Air Date:

Jan 11, 2023

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Promotional Ads




Space Central TV aims to provide a platform to local businesses that have a presence in one of our shared co-working spaces to feature in-house brands, products, and services that will be of interest to our members and guests alike. Most recordings on this channel will have been recorded within one of our facilities or on-location for a featured member business.

Promotional Ads

Show Segment

We all hate commercials unless it is something of interest to us at the moment we are in need of that something. This segment is dedicated to ads-on-demand. That's right! watch commercials that matter to YOU when you are ready to watch them. What could be better than that?

About this Episode

Cambrooks College is a top-notch Calgary, AB-based institution that is focused on Agricultural and Information Technology education. This engaging Doodle Art video quickly showcases the various industry diploma and certification programs as well as the reasons why one should consider choosing Cambrooks.

To learn more about this unique educational facility, see

If you enjoy this type of video animation and would like to inquire about having one created for your business, project, online course, or advertising campaign, simply visit or service page at

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