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Chit Chat with KitKat with Guest Donna Korchinski

ChitChat with KitKat

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Chit Chat with KitKat with Guest Donna Korchinski
Chit Chat with KitKat with Guest Donna Korchinski

Channel Name:

Space Central TV

Air Date:

Jun 23, 2024

Show Name:

ChitChat with KitKat



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ChitChat with KitKat

​Creating Thoughtful Conversations with Engaging Personalities. Join Kathy Trachuk for a cornucopia of interesting interviews with guests from all walks of life and delve into some fascinating topics as she playfully navigates the discussion to find out what really makes people tick. You never know what you'll learn today.

About this EPISODE

KitKat conducted one of her first official interviews with a seasoned career mainstream media host Donna Korchinski to hear about a new educational course and book called Wired to Heal. Donna has an extensive background as a reporter and is skilled at asking questions and presenting content that engages the viewer. She was formerly a reporter with CBC Edmonton, a Field Producer for ABC News, a reporter with The Fifth Estate, and also with Good Morning America. She is now a retired journalist turned Intuitive Energy Healer.

In this compelling interview, the tables are turned on Donna as she is on the other side of the interview table talking about empowerment and healing using the power of the mind that she now teaches with her course called Wired to Heal.

Join us for a fascinating candid conversation with a guest who has actually overcome her own health challenges using the power of her mind.

Get ready for a tremendous testimonial and lesson on how to activate your inner healing potential.

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