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Dr. Clarence Graff - Part 2

Dr. Clarence Graff | Ric McIver

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Dr. Clarence Graff - Part 2
Dr. Clarence Graff - Part 2

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May 2, 2018

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The McIver Report



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Central Alberta Television was headquartered out of Old's Alberta for several decades by Mr. Fred May, and lifetime TV producer who retired in 2022. Space Central TV acquired his professional broadcast equipment and honors his legacy today by hosting his former VOD content on this channel. Enjoy!


The McIver Report

Join host Alberta politician Ric McIver as he interviews local, provincial, federal entrepreneurs and politicians on controversial topics and political news issues of the day.

About this EPISODE

Part 2 of 6: Host Alberta politician Ric McIver interviews local general practitioner Dr. Clarence Graff about his experience with the medical industry. He highlights the positive and negative aspects of being a doctor in Central Alberta, and explains the politics behind the practice.

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