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Space Central - IBBC Sunday Service May 28, 2023

International Bible Baptist Church - Calgary Mission

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Space Central - IBBC Sunday Service May 28, 2023
Space Central - IBBC Sunday Service May 28, 2023

Channel Name:

Faith Television

Air Date:

May 28, 2023

Show Name:

Faith & Worship


Religious Services


Faith Television

Faith Television - the names says it all. This station is devoted to faith-based religious programming from a variety of perspectives.


Faith & Worship

Religious and worship programming is the focus of the Video on Demand show. Find your answers in this growing database of faith-based content conveniently located in one central library.

About this EPISODE

Enjoy Pastor Julius Benjamin's Sunday Service of the International Bible Baptist Church: Calgary chapter recorded live and on location at our new worship center located within the Space Central communal space in downtown Calgary.

This is our very first full multimedia production by our in-house team at ThoughtWurx Inc. featuring the Tricaster TCXD 850 24 port switcher and virtual set top production studio. We used a remotely-located camera and a laptop input to stream the broadcast over the LAN to our adjacent production office where one operator was able to successfully handle all aspects of the production in real time. The PowerPoint slide show was operated by the pastor's daughter and was projected onto a blank wall within the space and simultaneously recorded by the Tricaster as a virtual input on the virtual set.

This live production technique effectively showcases the real time full audio/video production capabilities available to our members and guests of Space Central. Unlike a more traditional studio, we are able to do all of this with just one operator. We also eliminate a tremendous amount of post-production editing since the graphics, transitions, titling, and music is all recorded as it happens.

The possibilities for business clients are limitless with this technology. Corporate profiles, on-location shoots, remote streams, and video podcasts are just some of the ideas we have that could help you grow your brand.

Learn more about our studio at and visit the Facility and Studio tabs.

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