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Space Central - Multimedia Studio Introduction with James Steele IV

Space Central Co-working Space

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Space Central - Multimedia Studio Introduction with James Steele IV
Space Central - Multimedia Studio Introduction with James Steele IV

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Space Central TV

Air Date:

Jun 7, 2023

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Promotional Ads


Office Space


Space Central TV aims to provide a platform to local businesses that have a presence in one of our shared co-working spaces to feature in-house brands, products, and services that will be of interest to our members and guests alike. Most recordings on this channel will have been recorded within one of our facilities or on-location for a featured member business.

Promotional Ads

Show Segment

We all hate commercials unless it is something of interest to us at the moment we are in need of that something. This segment is dedicated to ads-on-demand. That's right! watch commercials that matter to YOU when you are ready to watch them. What could be better than that?

About this Episode

Welcome to our first introductory video message from our CEO and Chief Idea Officer. This is also our second video recording introducing our viewers to our new multimedia studio facility that is now available to all qualifying members.

Using the magic of the Tricaster 850 TCXD 24-port production switcher and virtual set producer, James Steele IV provides a quick synopsis of what Space Central is and why one should consider joining.

Enjoy the super high quality production and see some of the features of the virtual studio technology that utilizes the magic of green screens and HD video chromakey video matte technology to place the talent in any one or more of dozens of customizable sets that can be tailored to suit the branding and color schemes of your business.

We are currently offering 2-10 hours of production time per month INCLUDED for FREE with your membership for the first 20 new clients to enroll as a new member. That's double the normal time allotted, just for mentioning this video!

So, what are you waiting for?

Learn more about Space Central by visiting our website today. Be sure to read up about our newest studio and member perk now included with associated memberships. Visit us at and

Our studio is managed and operated by Trilogy Promotions | ThoughtWurx | Red Mile Media.

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