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ThoughtWurx Explainer Videos
ThoughtWurx Explainer Videos

Channel Name:

Small Business Television

Air Date:

Jan 11, 2023

Show Name:

Promoting YOUR Business



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Small Business Television

Small Business Television is dedicated to full-length featured business-oriented content showcasing businesses locally and internationally that have amazing stories to tell. We delve into the history of the company and its founders, we showcase their products and services, and we discuss their trials and tribulations which helped make them great.


Promoting YOUR Business

Startups and established businesses of all sizes are constantly looking for new ways to promote themselves. This show is dedicated to teaching you methods of marketing and promotion that can help you get your business message out to the world.

About this EPISODE

This service demo video illustrates the type of video animation that we can create for any business looking to differentiate itself from the competition using this novel and highly-engaging technology. Viewers tend to watch these entertaining animated illustrations right to the end no matter what you are selling. And that gets the message across as intended!

Many businesses, instructors, advisors, trainers, hobbyists, coaches, and HR professionals use explainer videos to educate their customers, students, clients, athletes, followers, teams, and employees about a wide range of topics relevant to their target audience. Some are used internally for staff and insiders, while others are targeted at external audiences to help drive sales or offer support services. The range of possible uses is limited only by one's imagination and budget. Once created, we can embed your video into your website, e-learning platform, social media profile, host it on YouTube and Vimeo, or produce hard copy DVD's for trade show distribution.

To learn more about this service offering, visit the product page at or from the main site under the Videos section.

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