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ThoughtWurx Tip of the Day 0001 - Sharing a Read Only File from OneDrive

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ThoughtWurx Tip of the Day 0001 - Sharing a Read Only File from OneDrive
ThoughtWurx Tip of the Day 0001 - Sharing a Read Only File from OneDrive

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Small Business Television

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Aug 27, 2021

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Tips & Tricks


Information Technology


Small Business Television

Small Business Television is dedicated to full-length featured business-oriented content showcasing businesses locally and internationally that have amazing stories to tell. We delve into the history of the company and its founders, we showcase their products and services, and we discuss their trials and tribulations which helped make them great.


Tips & Tricks

Find valuable tips and tricks from industry experts on just about any topic you can imagine. These short videos help you save money, be more productive, navigate technology, avoid financial swindles, and more. We are always looking for new content to add to this show!

About this EPISODE

Welcome to the ThoughtWurx Tip of the Day series. In this first episode Coach James shows you how to program and send a shared read-only file link by email using Microsoft OneDrive. He discusses the various options of expiry dates and passwords, and how to turn off the default option that would otherwise allow recipients to edit the file or delete it. The advantages to sending files by a shared link verses the normal email attachment method, are revealed. Finally, he shows what the recipient sees when opening the email and what file options are available by that person.

In future episodes, he shows recipients how to add shared files and folders to their existing OneDrive folder, or even to sync it to the cloud to keep current with any source updates by the sender.

Coach James and associates bring you regular technology Tips & Tricks to help you manage all aspects of your digital life, safely and securely. Many interesting topics may be discussed in this series as described in the playlist header.

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