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A Private Membership Association

Everyone must be a member or a drop-in guest of a member to use the facility.

$99/MO ($3.25/DAY)

Social Club Membership

$150/MO ($4.93/DAY)

Tier 1 Membership

$200/MO ($6.58/DAY)

Tier 2 Membership

$250/MO ($8.22/DAY)

Tier 3 Membership

$300/MO ($8.86/DAY)

Tier 4 Membership

$500/MO ($16.44/DAY)

Corporate Sponsorship Membership

Artifacts: Price List
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Below you will find a video we made and posted on the crowd-funding site GiveSendGo to raise donations for this venture. The name of the project has changed to a shorter and punchier name, Space Central, but the information is valid. The Freedom Office Network is the group of members within the space. New videos will be coming soon so do stay tuned...

Download the Floor Plan (PDF) at Site 2 - Victoria Park

Telus Convention Center Floor Plan at Site 1 (coming soon)


When you decide to become a Space Central client, we will do everything in order to ensure that planning your event will be seamless and smooth. We will offer a variety of vendor services to give your event that extra special touch it deserves. We can even arrange for various support services such as musicians, magicians, comedians, wine merchants, and high quality Limo Drivers and Caterers.

Conference Event




Flawless & Professional Services

Space Central has the right connections with the right vendors to meet your needs. We will recommend a wide range of Multimedia Producers in-house and out that are perfect for half-day or full-day events. In addition, all of our members will receive an automatic discount with any of these vendors. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.

Great Service

Space Central is developing partnerships set up with several vendors in order to make your event run as smoothly as possible. We’re especially proud of the wonderful relationships we have with several top limo drivers and restaurants in the area. For a list of these vendors and more details about their services, contact us today.

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Networking Event


Make It Memorable

Quality Caterers are an important service to provide to your guests. Space Central is here to advise and guide you through the process of figuring out exactly what is the best option for your event. We will also have deals with many kinds of Caterers, so inquire today to learn more.

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(TELUS Convention Centre)

7 furnished private offices and 11 semi-private shareable cubicles at the TELUS Convention Center location powered by the Center for Greater Good (formerly Canada Goes Global) (with sizes in sqft): 

  • Tier 2 (90-200) - drop-in use of 11 cubicles (33 person capacity)

  • Tier 4 and Corporate Sponsors  (150-175) - drop-in use of 7 private offices

Additional Member Amenities:

  • One Boardroom with SmartBoard (holds 16)~

  • One Multimedia Production Studio*

  • One large multipurpose social room / event hall (75 capacity) 

  • One Open Drop-in Social Room with Smart Board TV*

  • 1 Kitchen

  • 2 Bathrooms

  • 1 Private Guest Shower

  • 90-minute FREE underground guest parking (coming soon)

Tier 1 - Tier 4 members and Corporate Sponsors enjoy VIP discounts as stated in the membership descriptions. Cubicles are drop-in day-use-only unless rented at $500/mo for exclusive use. Tier 4 and Corporate Sponsors may book the private offices by the hour for non-exclusive day-use-only. 




(Victoria Park)

Up to 41 furnished flex offices at Victoria Park (with sizes in sqft): 

Tier 1 (90-124) - 16x

Tier 2 (125-174) - 10x

Tier 3 (175-224) - 7x

Tier 4 (225-350) - 8x

Additional Member Amenities:

  • One Boardroom (20 capacity)~

  • One Multimedia Production Studio at Site 1*

  • One Podcast Studio (proposed)*

  • One Event Hall (150 capacity)^

  • 2 Kitchens

  • 2 Bathrooms with showers

Tier 1 - Tier 4 members and Corporate Sponsors enjoy VIP discounts as stated in the membership descriptions. 

History of the Spaces

Site 1 - TELUS Convention Center (TCC)

This location is the home location of Space Central. Located on the main level of the eastern perimeter of the TELUS Convention Center and adjacent to Centini's Restaurant at 731 1 St SE in Calgary, AB, Canada, this prime retail/office space is conveniently located on the Stephen Avenue Mall and just steps away from significant landmarks such as City Hall, Olympic Plaza, Teatro's, the Arts Commons, Glenbow Museum, and Calgary Tower. There are also numerous surrounding office towers that are in need of temporary office and boardroom space that are in need of our flexible on-demand amenities. 

As of May 1, 2022, Space Central entered into a 1-year lease with a 4-year renewable option to occupy up to 10,000 sq ft of the main level of the Centre for Greater Good (formerly known as Canada Goes Global) office space. We are joint-venturing in partnership with and powered by CGG to bring together entrepreneurs to collaboratively create amazing new products and services.

This space features 11 shared space semi-private work cubicles and 7 private office spaces that are usable by any drop-in Tier 2 or Tier 4 member respectively. Corporate sponsors have full access to all amenities and other benefits as detailed in the membership section. There is also a beautiful executive boardroom with Smart Board technology, a social room with Smart Board TV, and a production studio theatre with 30 ft ceilings and 2 additional Smart boards that is ideal for hosting a broad range of events. This is a large multipurpose social room / recording studio / event hall space that all members have access to anytime there is no event being held. 

Site 2 - Victoria Park (VP) - (possible expansion location)

Located on the southeastern perimeter of downtown at 1001 1 St SE in Calgary, AB, Canada, this building was originally the home of the world-famous Sun Ice clothing company that manufactured the ultimate winter ski jackets that became the colorful featured uniforms of the 1988 Calgary Olympic Winter Games.

Since the demise of that business, the building has been home to a variety of other businesses from oil & gas companies to engineering firms. The building sat mostly empty for a few years and now houses the current Calgary Business Centre on the second floor and the Philippine Consulate on the ground floor.

Space Central took up temporary occupancy on March 1, 2022 to launch this concept and then transitioned its two offices over to the site 1 location as of June 1, 2022. We do retain a presence in this VP building in association with the main core tenant who is leasing the event hall space and several internal offices. This tenant will be vacating on June 30, 2022 which leaves the entire space available to us rent monthly or on an as-needed basis. 

We are currently seeking to enroll the first 200 members and secure corporate sponsorships and private donations so we can lease the entire floor of the VP location for the purposes stated in this website. The building is under ongoing protracted renovations which will likely not be completed until Sept 2022 depending on supply chain constraints. As our membership grows, we will be able to progressively add more space to our list of available amenities. 

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Networking Event


Exclusive to members of The Freedom Network, The Dandelion Society, and YYC ROCKS

As the transitional phase of operations for the large event space formerly occupied by the first two organizations at the 1001 1 St. SE location came to a close on June 30, 2022, Space Central is pleased to be able to offer YOU a very special LIFETIME discount to continue with the social and business aspects of TFN and TDS. We also invite YYC Rocks members to take advantage of the same offer.

Although the teaching pods cannot be easily facilitated at this time until TDS secures a new location, we will be expanding upon the other aspects of the club and the society with better amenities, more events, plenty of teaching and training opportunities, regular weekly game nights, a new movie date night, full private and semi-private office spaces, and business networking and support services to really help you get out again into the business world. There will be profit-sharing opportunities, referral fees from various merchants, and our new super awesome trendy E-SCOOTERS that certain members get to RIDE FOR FREE*!

THIS OFFER is available to ALL current and past members of TFN and TDS, as well as our new partnership with YYC ROCKS, as an incentive to continue the fight for freedom by bringing your cancelled memberships over to Space Central at 50% off any membership and the Annual Facility Fee if you enroll by August 31, 2022. Once you join, you will be rate-protected for as long as you maintain your membership fees. If you anticipate requiring office space amenities in the future, there will never be a more affordable time to join us than now. At the very minimum, all members should choose the Social Club membership to get started. 

You must use the coupon code TFNTDSYYCR to earn the discount when enrolling through our interface for ANY of our current membership options with Space Central.

Note: You must select both the Annual Membership Fee (used for facility improvements) AND a membership option to qualify for this offer. The coupon code reduces the annual facility fee and membership fees to 50% off. Please contact James at if you need any assistance. 

Finally, we wish to especially thank Vicky, Monica, Jay, Alana, Ryan, and the rest of the dedicated team for all the hard work they have done for the cause of freedom! As we transition over to Space Central, you will see many familiar faces with Jay in particular running and organizing the weekly games and movie nights to start. We do welcome other volunteer members who wish to step up and assist us going forward. 

(*some conditions apply.)