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A Private Membership Association

Everyone must be a member or a drop-in guest of a member to use the facility.

$99/MO ($3.25/DAY)

Social Club Membership

$150/MO ($4.93/DAY)

Tier 1 Membership

$200/MO ($6.58/DAY)

Tier 2 Membership

$250/MO ($8.22/DAY)

Tier 3 Membership

$300/MO ($8.86/DAY)

Tier 4 Membership

$500/MO ($16.44/DAY)

Corporate Sponsorship Membership

Artifacts: Price List
No upcoming events at the moment

Below you will find a video we made and posted on the crowd-funding site GiveSendGo to raise donations for this venture. The name of the project has changed to a shorter and punchier name, Space Central, but the information is valid. The Freedom Office Network is the group of members within the space. New videos will be coming soon so do stay tuned...